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How To Help My Child Focus On Homework: Tips And Tricks

Homework is a problem many parents face when their child reaches school age. Whether or not the parent agrees with additional time spent on school tasks at home, there is usually a requirement from school that some work must be done at home.

It is generally accepted that once a student reaches middle school and high school work completed at home consolidates what has been studied in class and prepares the student for classes the next day. In addition to this, if the work has been properly set it will let the teacher know if their student has understood the lesson so that help may be offered to keep the student from struggling.

Promoting a good homework routine early in a scholastic career may assist academic performance later on. Ways a parent can contribute

  1. Sitting in class all day in class with only a few breaks is boring. Before starting any assigned work encourage your child to run around and play, let he or she stretch their legs: walk or run home, ride a bike.
  2. Set aside a designated time in which to work. Before the evening meal for younger students, later for older children.
  3. Have your child set up an “office space” with everything he or she might need to do the set tasks within reach.
  4. Remove distractions. Turn off televisions, laptops or cell phones. Try to avoid loud and interesting activities during the designated work period. This shows you are respectful of the important work they are doing.
  5. Either work with younger children or convince older children to set up a time table with due dates clearly marked so that work can be completed by the deadline.
  6. Set up a timer. Many children find racing a timer to do the work is fun. It is also a good way to include breaks in the routine.
  7. It is better to praise than bribe. “You worked really hard on that and got it done quickly” is more effective in the long run than “If you do the work you can have an ice cream”. Bribes have a tendency to escalate.
  8. If the work is taking longer than expected or your child appears to be drowning in tasks, then talk to the class teacher. School is the first place you should look to for assistance.

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