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A Brief Guide on How to Find Online College Homework Help

College is totally different from high school because it is harder and you will have to do most of your work on your own.  This can be hard if you are having trouble and can’t get the help you need.  The internet has many sources that you can use to get help with your college homework. 

How to Narrow Your Search for Help

  • When you are searching for homework help online you want to search for the specific subject that you are having trouble in first.  This will give you more accurate results. 
  • If you want an exact subject or phase use quotation marks.  This will narrow your search down more and give you exact results.
  • Use a minus to exclude things that you don’t want to be in your results.  Like if you want to know about homework help and you don’t want math results, use the minus before math in your search.
  • If you want a definition of something put the word, define: before the word. 

Places Online That Can Help You With Your Homework

  • Sometimes getting a tutor might help if you are struggling with a subject in college; tutor.com is a site that has tutors available for you 24/7.  This site does have a monthly fee depending on how many hours of tutoring you want a month and you do get thirty minutes for free once you subscribe. 
  • A place you might have heard of that sells and buys textbooks has a homework help section. Chegg has online tutors that can help you with your homework and you get the first two hours for free. 
  • Help With Assignment also has live people to answer your homework questions and have packages that range from $25 to $70 depending on how much help you need. 

Free Homework Help

The places that I just told you about are ones that specialize in tutors to help you with your homework and do cost money but there are sites out there that will give you help for free and you can choose from multiple subjects on their sites.

  • Hippo Campus is a site that has material for high school and college students. 
  • Info Please narrows the subjects down so you can pick what subject you are having trouble in.
  • Homework Spot gives you material for each subject and also helps you solve problems on your homework.
  • Discovery Education Homework Help lets you pick what subject you are have trouble with and give you examples and explanation to your homework problems.

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