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3 pointers to check whether or not your homework helper worth to be hired

It is the start of a new academic year. The start of new courses at a higher level. Students start to get a little worried that they cannot cope or keep up with the new learning. The more they worry the more they have difficulty in coping with homework. The most obvious choice is to look towards some sort of homework help.

There are a lot of options for getting some help with homework, but what qualities should you be looking for in a homework helper?

  1. Do they offer -Solutions? Does your homework helper offer a step by step instruction as to how to solve your homework or do they just offer you the answer?
  2. If they are offering you a step by step instruction, they are helping you to understand the process you need to not only solve the problem but to apply the process to other problems in the future.

    Do they also offer to use the same text books as you are using in class?

    Do they have access to the curriculum you are following?

  3. Do they offer to respond to your queries within a reasonably specific time?
  4. Do they say that they will respond to your queries within 2 hours or 2 days? A timely response can help you, while your concerns are still urgent - if they have a slow response time, you will find it hard to pick up the threads of the homework problem.

    If there is a delay in their response, you may find that you have missed a deadline.

    A timely response can sometimes just require pointing you in the right direction.

  5. Encouragement and Motivation.
  6. Does the homework helper offer pointers, suggestions and hints to help enable you to work independently and with confidence.

    Does the homework helper subscribe to the ‘do my homework for me group’ or are they enablers? Do they encourage you to put in the effort?

    Do they teach or do they do the solving for you? By just giving answers to the homework does not really help - it can actually hold you back.

    Do they encourage you to solve problems and look beyond the immediate homework problems?

    Does your homework helper understand that a lot of students struggle initially on a new course. If a student is struggling with a subject but their difficulties are not so apparent because their homework is OK, they benefit from being on a course that better suits their needs and interests.

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