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Algebra Homework: Sources Where You Can Practice Your Skills

You can get through your math homework with the help of answer keys or writing services, but you probably understand that these solutions are temporary. In algebra, each new concept is based on previous ones. If you miss any, you will find it very difficult to catch up later.

Free Worksheets

Free worksheets for any algebra courses (Pre-algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II) can be easily found on the Web. For better results, specify your search by topic – say, “Linear equations” or “Quadratic functions”.

Check websites for credibility. Give preference to established resources that are run by teachers or have “.edu” in their name.

Do not worry about having to type your solutions in a word processor – most algebra worksheets found online are printable. You can print and use as many copies as you need until you master this kind of problems.

Interactive Textbooks

If you have an iPad, search the App Store for free interactive math textbooks. There are quite a lot of them today, changing the traditional ways of learning and challenging the common view of algebra as a boring subject.

In digital textbooks, you can complete quizzes and see right away whether your answers are correct. You can draw graphs and charts with a touch of your finger, change them, and see the consequences. This is an easy and engaging way to practice your math skills.

You may also run interactive textbooks on your PC. However, note that there are few of them devoted to algebra solely. Look for general math textbooks with a large algebra section.

Math Games

Interactive math games, in which you hone your skills while playing, are found on major educational websites and specialized math resources. There are relevant games for almost every algebra topic – adding and subtracting integers, solving systems of equations, applying the six rules of exponents, and many others. Simply Google them and try the ones that look most appealing. Would you like to play basketball, win a million, or save a student from evil pirates? You will not only have fun but also become a fast and efficient problem solver.

Online Courses

If you feel that you need more profound help, not with particular issues but with core principles, try free online courses. They are specially designed for students who have algebra problems.

You may work on the course material at any time convenient, submit it, and get feedback. It is almost as efficient as working with a tutor, except that it is you who chooses the time and speed of studying and that you do not have to pay anything.

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