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Where Can I Get Some New Math Homework Ideas

If you are struggling with homework and you are in need of some new math homework ideas one of the best resources at your disposal is a tutor. While it can be nice to get some extra help from the teacher here and there or a classmate on occasion, chances are these resources are not available full time. But a tutor can be.

Choosing a Tutor

Finding a private tutor who will work with you one on one makes learning significantly easier. But if you select the wrong tutor, it will only waste substantial amounts of your time and your money, leaving you disappointed and not any more advanced than when you began. So before you head out and hire a tutor from a local tutoring service or online companies, ask these questions:

  1. Ask about their background in the subject
  2. It is important to make sure that the tutor you hire knows what they are going to be teaching. You might be impressed that a potential tutor has 10 years of experience in their field or a PhD, but it won’t do you any good if their PhD is in graphic design and you are looking for help with writing or math. Make sure that the tutor you hire is an expert in the precise subject you are learning, and not just one that is vaguely related if at all.

    On that note, ask the potential tutor about the subject that you are studying. Do not hesitate to be specific. Show them a copy of the text or the syllabus and ask for confirmation that they are familiar with the concepts.

  3. Ask them about their experience teaching or tutoring
  4. The most ideal candidate will have taught on this subject many times and to multiple students.

    For example: an ideal math tutor will have several methods for explaining multiplication of fractions and can tailor the lessons to your individual learning style. They will be able to use examples, visual diagrams, practice problems, outlines, etc… anything that works best for you.

    Remember that the potential tutor does not need formal experience. In fact, the skills that they might acquire from delivering a lecture to a classroom full of one hundred sophomore college students may not translate into skills needed to work one on one with someone. Look for an individual who is approachable and will pay attention to any of your specific needs.

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