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How to Check Answers to My Math Homework: Free Advice

You have completed your math homework, and you want to know whether your answers are right. Here are several ways to do it.

  • Textbook keys.
  • Look at the back of your math textbook – there may be answers to all problems. If there are not, you can look for free answer keys online. Type “math textbook answers” into the search engine, and add the names of your textbook’s authors. Check the links on whether they contain what you need. Most textbook keys online are free to use. You can see whether your answer is consistent with those given there. However, note that textbook answers on the Web may contain mistakes. Cross-check them on several websites to be sure that your solution is right or wrong.

  • Problem solvers.
  • Use a free online calculator to obtain an automatically generated solution to your problem. Online problem solvers can easily be discovered with the help of any search engine. Input your conditions, and look at the answer. If it is the same as yours, then your solution is correct. If not, check this problem in two or three other calculators to rule out a possible mistake.

  • Free answers.
  • Copy a fragment of your problem’s condition into the search engine line. Put double quotes around. This way you may see whether this task was uploaded and solved on the Web. Compare the solutions you discover with your answer. If your solution to this problem is consistent with the majority of those given by other people, then it is probably right. If most websites give a different answer, check your solution for mistakes. It is important that you check as many answer websites as possible. Not all people who answer math questions on the Web are experts, but the majority of them is usually close.

  • Tutorship websites.
  • There are few math tutorship websites that offer to solve and explain your problem for free. Send them your task to get a reliable answer, against which you can compare yours. Note that such websites usually receive lots of queries and it may take them several days to respond, so send your problem well in advance.

  • Friends.
  • All your classmates have received the same assignment. Ask them what answers they have obtained as a result of solving the problem. The general principle is the same as when looking for free math answers on the Web – the solution that is mentioned most often is probably right. The more classmates you question, the more statistically reliable result you will get.

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