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How To Learn Physics On Your Own: A Helpful Manual For College Students

Physics is one of the natural sciences, which studies the reasons for many natural phenomena, such as force, energy, light, sound, electricity, heat, and atomic structure. It covers so many life perspectives that it becomes a difficult task for self-study, so here are some tips for those who want to start.

  • Think about the environment.
  • Find a quiet place to study and remove everything that can distract you.

  • Make yourself comfortable.
  • Make sure that you’ve completed all your other tasks, and nothing will distract your attention from studying physics.

  • Schedule your work.
  • Set week goals and choose the best time to study. Make up a syllabus or find one online, and it will help you make the learning process consistent.

  • Find a textbook which is written in a clear way, because the same thought can be put either so complex that nobody understands it or so intelligibly that even a child will get it.
  • Determine the most efficient way of reading.
  • While conning theoretical information, one can start daydreaming and forget about studying. To avoid such a waste of time, try to remember about the incentive for learning physics.

  • Check yourself.
  • There are questions on the material written in the chapter almost in every textbook, but many people do not pay attention to them, though that is a good way to check the knowledge.

  • Solve mathematical and physical problems.
  • Practice is the best way to acquire applied sciences, because working on such problems lets you master both the theoretical material and the practical one.

  • Learn all formulae by heart.
  • Though it is a boring and difficult activity, it’s a must if you really want to know physics. To remember a formula, write it as many times as it’s necessary to know it. Next day try to write it down once again and if you can’t do it completely, repeat the procedure.

  • Learn all definitions.
  • There are a lot of terms in physics which seem common, but they may have a special meaning. Make sure you know them and it will make your study easier, as you won’t need to look for this or that term every time.

  • Prepare tests for yourself.
  • After each topic you cover try to test yourself – it will help you understand what weak points you still have and what material you should go through again.

Physics is a study, which gives people answers why our planet works this way. It can’t be easy to understand the whole mechanism. However, if you work hard, the science will become a fascinating pastime.

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