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Putting concept into words is an ability to compose text in such an effective manner that it gives the audience the necessary understanding that they need. Research paper for social sciences or historical subjects were composed every now and then, but not for algebra or mathematics. Writing of information is a way to deepen the student is learning capability.

Some students are not good with understanding numbers, but are very good with language-based context. Writing about mathematics generally is of the following types

  • Free writing
  • Biography and autobiography
  • Summaries
  • Word problems and Formal writing

A clear enough understanding of these forms is required to form strategies that you can implement and ideas that you can practically incorporate in technology tools. Writing about mathematics can help the faculty members of this department in improving their lessons and increasing interest.

Writing freely

Free the students from the trouble of writing a flawless research paper. Simply ask them to write what every their understanding is of the topic that was discussed in the class. Encourage your students to participate in class and ask any question they have in mind. When you assign them a task of writing freely, and then give them a topic, which they are highly interested in.

Biography and autobiography

Learn to encourage and develop the student’s interest in writing descriptively on important mathematicians who motivate and increase the interest of students towards math. Once they have studied, some biographies then ask the students to write a letter to the mathematician about what is their take on what they have learnt.


Summaries are a task every student is afraid to do. How can they possibly put an extensive concept into one small paragraph? Teachers should specifically teach skills to students with this regard use journals, learning logs so the students can practice writing summaries. Make them understand the main idea so they can discriminate between information that is essential for the paper and that which is not.

Word problems and formal writings

Good word problems aid in the promotion of thinking and encouraging students to interpret the language. Whether the problem has to be written on their own or it is for construction of response. It is important for the student be comfortable with the words and vocabulary, which would make them able to write the problem or paper with a maximum level of ease

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