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List of arguments why should teachers assign geometry homework

Many student and parents around the world probably operate under the belief that homework is a medieval torture device that teachers inflict on the student for their own sadistic ways.  Because it can really feel like that when a student is on hour five of a night full of homework.  But homework is supposed to be a supplementing venture that backups what the student has learned during the day. While, it might not be popular, it’s necessary for the student, especially when it comes to geometry. Geometry is one of those special subjects that just needs the extra study time, making the time at homework an evil that is required, in order to understand the subject.v

Part of understanding why the student needs to do the homework is understand why homework matters.  Here are some reason that homework matters in geometry.

Reason Why Geometry Homework Matters:

  • Extra Time to review the difficult subject: Having the practice at home will help the student really cement the concepts into their memory and fully help the student know what they are doing.
  • Test Preparation:  Every time the student does homework at home, they are helping prepare for their next test.  Having to think through the problems and come to their own conclusion of what the answer is will help them become ready for a test when they will have to do exactly the same format.
  • Working on Geometry homework can help in other areas of the student’s life.  A person who can work out the shapes and angles of geometry can have it lead to other parts of their life.  They can find that they will have a better understand of maps and even the potential to build things.
  • Geometry can also help gamers.  When a gamer is playing all they are doing is creating geometric shapes and seeing them through.  So when a student studies and completes their homework they can really be honing their gaming skills and that will lead to higher rankings and scores.  

These points of why the homework matters, making the homework count is now up to the student.  But there are very valuable reason that a student should have to work on homework in Geometry.  Keeping these points and reasons in mind should help a student understand why they should take homework seriously.  It will help the student work through the problem and figure out how to do it for themselves.

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