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Does Homework Cause Frustration: Question Of The Day

Nowadays, children should do much more homework than it was years ago. The time for completing assignments is much shorter, and the complexity levels are considerably higher. Does homework cause frustration at this rate? Of course, it does. Unfortunately, even the youngest learners are stressed out with the necessity to do their assignments at home daily, not a word of the students of middle school or high school.

What are the reasons for frustration?

  • Children of elementary schools suffer from not having enough free time to play, mix with their friends, and just release their energy. The necessity to start doing their assignments immediately after coming home from school causes unbearable frustration. It is no wonder that they are inattentive and unorganized, and that they put off completing their tasks till the latest hours.
  • The pressures for the middle school and high school students are even higher. Classes are longer, breaks are shorter, and subjects are getting more and more complicated. If an average student doesn’t understand everything in class, he or she won’t be able to do the task at home as well. Students refuse to struggle with their homework, procrastinate, and feel more and more frustrated every day.

What are the solutions?

Parents shouldn’t just stay aside if they see their child’s frustration. Help your child overcome the problem by taking the following steps:

  • Talk to your child.
  • Find out what exactly causes frustration. Is it homework from a particular subject that is too difficult for your child? Are these unfeasible time limits to complete the project? Or, is it an overwhelming variety of tasks from different courses? It may happen that you know how to solve this particular math problem, or may prompt how to do the job effectively.

  • Help your child keep the balance.
  • Prompt your child on how to manage his or her time wisely. Don’t refuse from extra-curricular activities for the sake of homework. These are the things that help children relax and change their routine. Work out a schedule. Make changes in it in case of need.

  • Discuss the problem with the teacher and other parents.
  • Fortunately, parents can affect the teacher’s solutions on the amount of homework. If you see that your child is steadily behind schedule, even if he or she works as hard as possible, ask your teacher to develop a more manageable homework plan. Talk to the parents of your child’s classmates. It may happen that their children are also behind. Try to come up with the most reasonable solution of the problem together.

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