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Credible Sources With College Homework

If you are a normal teenager in college, chances are you are looking for highly efficient and resourceful online websites that will aid you in your assignments and projects. Finding help online help has never been this easy before. You are one click away from a whole encyclopedia on how to solve a particular algebra question or how to diagnose a particular psychological disease. You will find a gazillion source offering an immense load of unlimited information on one particular topic. However, as a college student you are bound to adhere to certain laws and rules concerning the authenticity of the information you choose to present in your assignment or paper. If your paper or assignment contains false information, it could have serious repercussions on your career.

In this article, you will find useful tips to help you better decide which sources to go for citing your homework:

  • Never cite a blog for your homework or paper. Blogs are written by normal people like you, and the whole point of citation is to quote or refer to published authors who have expertise in your area of concern. A blog cannot offer you that prestige or credibility when it comes to information because no one really dared to validate its content in the first place.
  • If you are looking for facts and information to cite in your research paper or assignment it is highly recommended you go for journal articles of famous business schools. These schools have a very vast database with tons of published work on any issue. Usually you can access such databases or websites in your college’s premises. If you try to gain access to such sources, from elsewhere you have to pay certain subscription charges.
  • Whenever you are looking up information on some website, its better you search a little about the editors and contributors. Like discussed earlier, if your work is not original and based on valid information, you might as well quit college because there is zero tolerance in academic world for a work that is not authentic.
  • If you think, it is okay to cite something from a face book page or twitter you are highly mistaken. Social networking websites are off limits. Go for newspapers, journal articles, and published books.
  • It is very important for you to see when the information on a particular website was last updates.
  • You must verify the authenticity of the organizations or publishers of a particular website or article.
  • Look for sources with valid domain names.
  • Use your gut. If you have slightest doubt about websites credibility its better, you let it go.

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