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Hiring a tutor who can help me do my math homework

The first question that you need to ask yourself is – do I really need a math tutor to help me with my homework?

  • Have you always found Math difficult?
  • Do you find that you can work well in the classroom, but as soon as you get home you ‘forget’ everything that you learned?
  • Have you discussed your difficulties with your tutor?

Let’s take this point by point.

  • Not everyone is good at Math. It may be because they struggled with Math concepts as a child and feel that learning Math is like learning a foreign language. But to progress professionally a lot of colleges and universities need proof that students have a basic understanding of Math even if it is not part of their course.
  • A lot of students find that they may work reasonably well in the classroom, but on their own that is a different thing – they lack confidence.
  • It’s a good idea to talk to your tutor; they may offer some suggestions as to how you can improve.

But you feel that you may need some specialized help?

  • Talk to friends to see how they cope with their math. Does anyone in your circle of friends pay for Math tuition? Can they recommend anyone?
  • Are your grades slipping? If so this may be a sign that with extra help you can get the grades back.
  • Decide what your priorities are, which math concepts do you find the most difficult?

Hiring a tutor

  • It is always best to check out a tutor that has come recommended to you by someone you know and trust.
  • If that is not possible you could advertise for a tutor, but it would take time to check out the person and their teaching abilities. You may get on with the ‘tutor’ really well. But can they teach?
  • Check out some math Tutoring web sites. There are a number of good sites with reputable tutors. Check whether the website has contact details, whether they have math tutors and not just tutors that teach math. Check out what the tutor’s first language is, if you have difficulties with the subject you don’t want to be even more confused because there is a lot lost in translation. Also check out if they web site has any comments or recommendations about the service. Take heed if there are no recommendations or comments and likewise if people have posted poor recommendations. Check out turnaround times for work.

If all that checks out make sure that your tutor has a sense of humor.

Happy Math.

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