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Maths Homework: Finding An Experienced Tutor

If you need help with your math homework one of the best things you can do is find an experienced math tutor. A good tutor will help you through anything. So what can a good tutor help you with? They can not only help you to complete your assigned homework but they can help explain concepts to you that you might not understand or reinforce concepts you are learning through continued practice.

  1. A good tutor for math can help you learn the concepts as they are taught in your textbook. Generally math concepts are the same no matter what text you use but some teachers may offer a slightly different alteration or use fun names to make the principles more exciting. In these cases it is important that you understand what is being asked of you so that you can not only pass tests in class but use the concepts in later math classes.
  2. That being said you can use a good math tutor for both. You should make photocopies of the textbook problems that you review with your tutor. Not all textbooks provide adequate samples or practice problems for you to comprehend every concept. So you can make photocopies and re-work the problems multiple times. You can have your tutor write similar examples for you to practice with until you understand the process thoroughly.

  3. Buy textbooks that are used. Sometimes--as mentioned above--certain texts present the same concept in slightly different ways. That being said: it might behove you to purchase used text books that are different than yours so that you can get a better explanation. You might be able to get a copy from your tutor for free as well.
  4. Actively study. Do not limit yourself to working out a problem with your tutor. Draw pictures if you can or diagrams that explain the process. If you are an auditory in lieu of visual learner you might be better off recording yourself defining certain math processes or terms. This can help you take advantage of the time you have with a tutor.
  5. Actively read. Use sticky notes to mark things that are important in your text. Flag things that you will need to ask your tutor about later so that you do not forget them. If here is a sample problem that you were able to complete but you want more samples like it for practice flag it and show it to your tutor.

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