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5 Main Reasons Why Students Should Not Have Homework

  1. Homework is added burden that is appropriate for young people
  2. With all the things are going on in young people’s lives, it can be argued that homework is an added burden that simply isn’t needed. Particularly with all the tests and exams that students already have to study for, it is argued that homework should be scrapped altogether.

  3. Some students require teaching advice to learn better
  4. Whilst some students may thrive when it comes to doing work at home, others will struggle and will instead learn better when a teacher is present to explain things to them. As a result, one student may only take a few minutes to get the work done, whereas one may take a few hours, and still not learn as much.

  5. Students can cheat on the work, thus making it useless
  6. One of the main reasons as to why homework should not be set for students is the fact that they can easily cheat. It may be that they get a friend or fellow students to do the work for them, or in some cases students will even find professional writing agencies online who will offer to do the work for them. As a result, the work then has zero benefit for that particular student.

  7. It can have a negative impact on the sleeping levels of students
  8. With more and more studies coming out every year that suggest how important sleep is in order to maximise our ability to learn, it means we are slowly beginning to understand how vital it is that people are able to get enough sleep, so as to be able to function at the peak of their abilities. When students have large amounts of homework, this can often mean that they get to bed late, or have to get up early to finish the work. As a result, excessive homework can result in a negative impact if it means that students’ cognitive abilities suffer as a result of a lack of sleep.

  9. The parents of students sometimes do the work for them
  10. Just as some students may choose to cheat on the work, others will even have their parents do the work for them. For parents that are desperate for their children to be top of the class, they may be willing to take shortcuts in order to ensure that there is child is looked upon in the most favourable terms. However, by doing the work for the child they are actually putting them at a disadvantage.

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