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Math homework help: tips to remember the main formulas

Math homework always seems daunting but it does not have to be. You can remember the main formulas to get you through all levels of math with a bit of help. The ability to recollect is one of the most important aspects of time management. It enables you to remember the work that you need to do, as well as to study faster and lower your work load. There are two main forms of memorization that are vital in university:

  • a) The first form of memorization relates to the ability to recall a general idea or account without copying the exact words and phrases of an interview, book, article or lecturer.
  • b) The second form of memorization related to the recollection of specific words, phrases or items. This is especially valuable when learning a foreign language, or technical subjects like sciences and law.

Memorization most commonly results from the understanding of a concept as opposed to the active memorization of complex items. As you read and comprehend material, your interpretation and reasoning enhances the natural memorization of this information.

Emphasizing and underlining specific information that requires memorization aides the recollection of material and the utilization of bits of free time to reinforce the memorization of material enhances this process. It is easier to remember information that you genuinely find striking and interesting; identify the material that you find hardest to recall and review it first. Keep reviewing information- there is no such thing as ‘too much reviewing’, and you should go over the material until you can picture the page and underlined material, with images and graphical representations accurately stored in your mind.

It is also helpful to create an ellipsis or image to represent information, especially when learning math formulas. You can create an acronym that spells out the order in which certain problems are to be solved or funny pneumonic phrases. Be sure to remember the meanings of the images and ellipses which you have formed to aide your memorization.

Create a list with the words and phrases which are common, recurrent or allusive to the information that you need to commit to memory. Articulating this list from memory enhances your memorization of the information related to the list. It is also helpful to take assessment tests, even if you created them yourself. The ability to teach information to a friend ascertains that you have successfully committed it to your memory.

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